Our journal, Footprints, is published quarterly, at the beginning of August, November, February and May.

It contains a wealth of information including Society news, diary of forthcoming meetings, articles from our members, a list of members' interests, as well as regular updates from the Record Office and Libraries.

We welcome articles from our members for inclusion in the magazine. These can be sent on disk, by email or handwritten. Pictures or photographs are also welcome. Do you have a query you or are "just plain stuck"? Send a letter/email, another member may just be able to help. Deadlines for the magazine are: 20 June, 20 September, 20 December and 20 March.

For further information, please contact the Editor:

Mr Chris Green.

or email: the editor




A monthly Newsletter is available via e-mail for NFHS members. If you would like to subscribe to the Newsletter, please click   and enter your details and quote your membership number in the email.

  Last Updated - October 23, 2016